Medical Doctors for Emergency Team in Medecins Sans Frontieres

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Médecins Sans Frontières is a private, non-profit international humanitarian organization dedicated to providing medical assistance to populations in crisis, without discrimination and regardless of race, religion, creed or political affiliation.

Main Purpose

    • Contribute to increase MSF capacity to react timely to emergencies (disease outbreak, natural disaster and violence) in Nigeria, especially in the identify states
    • To achieve these objectives implement an internal monitoring/surveillance system, active networking at both federal and state levels with various actors (government, NGO, community etc)
    • Timely propose appropriate action plan for the emergency and formulate an implementation strategy
    • Provide medical support to the other MSF project in Nigeria
    • Provide outpatient and/or inpatient medical care to patients/beneficiaries according to adapted and updated medical knowledge, MSF protocols, values and universal hygiene standards to improve the patients/beneficiaries health conditions.   Provide best possible care before, during and after surgery in the OT in accordance with MSF protocols;

Job Description:

Follow up of MSF emergencies activity (Disease surveillance, outbreak investigation and data collection) and the definition of objectives:

      • Collaborate in the development of a contact network with the State epidemiologists and DSNO at State level of epidemiology surveillance, others agencies involved in the surveillance (WHO/UNICEF….) or emergency preparedness and local communities; and on need basis with the FMOH
      • On continuous basis, do web-based updates and further research on the national politics and policy of surveillance and management of epidemics (meetings, reports, article)
      • Collect and compile epidemiological data (meetings, reports, articles), analyse and realize monthly, quarter and annual report proposed to Emergency team Coordinator:
      • Organize and analyze the epidemiology data, medical emergency reports and medical assessment.
      • Ensure a qualitative and comprehensive data and report archiving process
      • Implementing an internal surveillance system for Northern States of the country prone to seasonal epidemics, which includes collection of second-hand information -through formal and informal networking- and, when possible collection of first-hand information -field evaluation- so as to complement, verify or assess health situation
      • Following up on main indicators collected and making proposal accordingly
      • Perform regular monthly field visits to achieve the above objectives in collaboration with the coordination team and submit proposal to coordination team

Man-made and natural disaster ; response to violence; floods

      • Participate in creation and/or update of a comprehensive health structure mapping on each structure level
      • on continuous basis do web-based updates and further research on the national politics and policy of surveillance and management of epidemics (meetings, reports, article)
      • Carry out exploratory missions to achieve the above objectives in collaboration with the coordination team and submit proposal to coordination team


Response proposal and activity implementation


      • Based on the results of the investigations, propose an appropriate medical response to the Emergency team Coordinator/medical coordinator
      • Eventually be involved in the implementation of the response and the direct clinical management of patient


Support to other MSF Activities in Nigeria

      • More generally, the Emergency team doctor, can be involved in other tasks including:

Support to the projects:

      • Carrying out some medical activities and maintaining links with the fields and desk/technical department
      • Replace members of the field team if needed
      • Work in other MSF program in order to cumulate experience.
      • Apply medical knowledge and skills to diagnose and prevention. Carry out outpatient and inpatient consultations, prescribing the necessary treatment respecting MSF protocols

Pharmacy management: In collaboration with the country pharmacist

      • Participate in stock inventory process
      • Prepare the medical boxes for the exploratory mission; Anticipate and report needs to the Coordinator
      • Get proficient with cold-chain management as per MSF standards; Responsible for cold-chain management on the field

Responsible for collecting and filing consumption and donation forms on the field

    Requires Skills and Conditions


•    Medical Doctor Degree. Diploma in Tropical Medicine is a plus
•    NYSC Certificate or Discharge certificate.


•    2 year experience minimum as a Medical Doctor or in clinical work (can be within medical training). Desirable in tropical medicine, or post-registration experience in Public Health ,  general practice, general medicine or minor surgery


•    Mission language essential. Hausa language desirable.


•    Essential computer literacy (word, excel)

Work Location
Abuja  with 80% of working time on the field.

Unlimited contract duration starting as soon as possible.Flexibility required


Method of Application
Submit your CV, copies of nursing qualifications and a cover letter with contact details to the MSF Administration Office in Abuja at No 26 Olu Agabi Close Life Camp. Gwarimpa District.  (“Application Box” at the Watchmen Desk). With reference ( EPREP DOCTOR )
Applications can be submitted in person or by email to:


NB: only successful applicants will be called for interview.

Notice: No monetary transactions, neither demands of favors in kind, nor other types of favoritism will be tolerated in the recruitment process.  MSF reserves the right to refuse hiring of a candidate having benefitted from such acts. All illicit demands of these types may be pursued through the judicial system.

Closing Date: 13th January, 2016

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